Norwegian forest cat

Norwegian forest cat

If you are looking for the most fun cats, the Norwegian Forest Cat is one of the largest cats and not bigger than the Pharaonic cat, and despite its large size, it has a sense of familiarity. Therefore, it is suitable for home breeding, and you can buy medium numbers of it and raise them to sell as pets in homes and open your own business. In this article, we present to you the most important characteristics of the Norwegian cat.

Norwegian forest cat features

The Norwegian Forest Cat has thick, multi-colored fur, which makes it warm and well adapted to very cold climates. As for its head, it is in the form of a circle, in addition to its large-sized ears, which are characterized by their wideness in the base area, and their summit resembling the shape of a cluster, and the Norwegian Forest Cat can climb rocks very well, due to the very strong claws that it possesses. 

It is considered one of the largest cats in size, with a length of 50 cm and a limb length of 25 cm, and an average lifespan of approximately 15 years. The color of its eyes is usually golden or green, and the color of its fur can come in several colors such as blue, red, white, silver, or cream, as well as speckled, and black. 

It is worth noting that the Norwegian Forest Cat is one of the calmest cats and does not cause any disturbance in the house. It is a friendly cat that can interact well with different people. The Norwegian Forest Cat also has a high degree of intelligence, energy, and is one of the types of cats that are distinguished by their great affection.

Norwegian Forest Cat health problems

Although the average lifespan of the Norwegian cat reaches 15 or 16 years, it may develop some diseases, such as:

  • Fourth glycogen storage disease that causes the cat's death, and its symptoms may not appear until after 5 months of the cat's life. But it is a rare disease that not all Norwegian cats get.
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
  • Multiple kidney disease, which can be detected using ultrasound before 10 months of age.
  • Retinal dysplasia, which causes light spots to appear on the retina.

How to take care of a Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian cat's fur sheds a lot in the winter and spring, so try not to brush it more than once during these periods. It is best to do this twice a week with a stainless steel comb or wire brush.

 The eyes of the Norwegian cat should be cleaned by wiping the accumulated mucus in the corners of the eyes every day with a cotton cloth to avoid infection of any kind.

 You should clean your Norwegian cat's teeth every week to prevent gum disease. It is also important to take care of providing daily food for the Norwegian cat in appropriate quantities, to maintain its health, it is preferable to follow a diet rich in protein and high in fats.

 Also reduce or avoid carbohydrates because she doesn't like to eat them and her body can't digest them. The Norwegian Forest Cat has a double coat of long, waterproof fur.

It only needs to be washed under special circumstances such as exposure to dirty conditions or medical necessity. As for washing, the dense layer and the thick bottom layer do not get wet easily, so he can take a shower twice a month. Under normal circumstances this is sufficient, nails are usually trimmed once a week.
You should clean the litter box, because Norwegians will feel very uncomfortable if their litter box is dirty, so it should be kept clean.

History and roots of the Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian cat is a descendant of the Turkish long-haired cat ( Turkish Van cat ), brought from the Byzantine Empire by Norse warriors. No one knows exactly where the breed came from, but references can be found from the Viking Age. Norse mythology refers in its description of the Norwegian cat to a “magical cat living in the mountains that can climb stone walls, which other cats do not have.” However, it appears that the Norwegian Forest cat today evolved simply as a result of natural selection.

 In this article, we learned about the most important characteristics of the Norwegian cat and how to deal with it properly. If you are thinking of buying it, do not hesitate because it will add an atmosphere of fun around your home.

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